let’s focus

One of the challenges I had with my last attempt at blogging was an all-over-the-place lack of focus. So I knew that if I was going to try again I would need to know what I would and would not be writing about. I had actually managed to figure some of this out before #1 blog went down but was never able to implement it.

As you might have noticed I have very few category titles and that the ones I do have are eerily similar to my blog name…ok, they are my blog name but here my friends is where we find the focus.

NATURAL:  Twelve years ago we (Mr. and I) embarked, honestly unknowingly, onto a natural health journey.  We are still on it and still learning and making changes. So this category will cover issues that go along with natural living, natural health and parenting. Topics might include:

  • whole foods
  • immunity
  • which natural products we use and why
  • Dr. Mom tips
  • how to start living more naturally
  • reading labels
  • ingredients to avoid
  • supplements
  • environmental issues
  • and more crunchy stuff like that.

MOM: Well, I think it’s pretty self explanatory what this category will cover. Mom stuff.  Possible topics: kids (duh), me time, no time, how to find time, where did the time go, when do they leave…….ooops!….ok, some of those, but this category is not only about no-time mom life. It’s about:

  • living with a partner
  • being a homeschooling mom
  • passions
  • issues that affect women
  • personal faith
  • friendships
  • family
  • parenting
  • the importance of bubble baths aka “me time”
  • and mommy stuff like that.

LOVES: If I love it,  if it works for me, I want to share it. All things I love will fit into this category from books, recipes, websites, experiences, companies, gadgets, products and how could I forget my all time faves – quotes….so you name it, if I have fallen in love with it and I think you will too – I will LOVES it.

PRADA: When #1 blog was up and I would tell people the name, usually the first thing they would say is “oh, cool name – do you own Prada?” The answer: no. I do not own anything PRADA. When I was thinking of the name for the blog, Natural Mom was easy to come up with but there was this other part of me that I wanted to honor and also acknowledge. Prada mom is the wine drinking, fabulous shoes loving, passionate about beauty and things that sparkle, loves a good sale and the have-to-reschedule-your-life to see the best shows on tv girl. Topics that could be covered here are: fashion, taking off the mom hat, look good-feel good ideas, big girl fun,  and other things of beauty that inspire me.

And you might have noticed my category  P.U.S.H.life Photography which is my photography blog. My photography is a work in progress passion. Because it’s a big and important part of my life I’m adding it to this space as well.

My intention is to share thoughts, ideas, beliefs, ask questions, offer answers and get some, add in some life funnies, and do it in an uplifting and positive way with a dash of inspiration. It is my hope that this will be a place of learning, laughter, thoughtfulness, kindness, understanding and most of all joyful grace.

This is my journey. I hope it can inspire yours.

With joyful grace,
Shanta xo


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