clean eating tip – double up

On the weekend I made one of our favorite soups from the Oh She Glows cookbook. We were having a friend over so I decided to make a double batch to ensure everyone had enough to eat. We ate, it was yummy and there was enough for a whole other meal. That got me thinking….What if I made a double batch of everything I made this week and only had to cook half the time.

I’ve gotten really excited about this idea and think it could really help those who want to improve their amount of clean eating each week if they only had to cook half the time. It means meal planning for only 3 or 4 days instead of 7. And simple ingredients can make the meal feel new the second time around.

This week we have made 3 meals so far and I will make one more. I am going to call these premade meals because some people have a mental block when it comes to leftovers. Here is what it is looking like for us:

Sunday: Cook – soup (1)
Monday:Cook – walnut loaf  (2)
Tuesday:Cook – tex mex(3)
Wednesday: Premade (1) – will add rice to the soup while heating which will change the texture and make it seem new
Thursday:Cook (TBA) (4)
Friday:Premade (2) – with our walnut loaf I will add some yummy veggies that are different than the first time around
Saturday: Premade (3) we will eat our Tex-Mex which needs no revamping…it’s yummy anytime
Sunday: Cooked(1)

This weekend is Easter so I will for sure cook up something yummy for the fam to celebrate but let’s say it was just a normal week and it happened to be a crazy weekend and I just wanted to be be lazy I could have my premade (4) meal on Sunday.

Now this coming week I can pick another 3-4 recipes and do this all over again using my premade meals on nights when I’m crunched for time or just plain ol’ lazy. If we get invited out for dinner or it’s a week that I won’t be eating 7 meals I can easily just pop it into the freezer and get a bonus night during a busy week.

I have to admit that I’m feeling pretty good about myself with this idea. I can feed my family healthy food every night of week without having to to cook every night AND I found some extra minutes in my day – cha ching ching – CHING!

If you try it let me know – I would love to hear if it works for anyone else or how you have adapted it for your family!

Happy clean eating,
S. xo


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