veganish – week 4

So we are heading into our 4th week of eating veganish.

Over the last three weeks a lot has changed. The most exciting for me (because it looks so pretty) are my cupboards. This past weekend we made our first liter of almond milk and this morning I switched it up and made hemp milk. Yup, this girl is making her own milk. Ccccrraaazzzy. Crazy cool is what it is. Things I thought would be a lot of work or just not worth it are the exact things that get my little natural mom juice going.

As a girl who hated baking. The mess, the work, the mess… I find myself having to stop myself from finishing one recipe and starting the next. I’ve realized how much I love two bite anythings. I made two bite morning muffins, two bite lemon poppy seed muffins and two bite brownies this past weekend and as I write this there are two bite what is supposed to be pumpkin bars cooling in my mini muffin pan. These are exact right size for a quick snack or for on the go and honestly anything two bite is so darn cute.

As I mentioned in my let’s focus post – we have been on a natural journey for a long time. Ok, only 12 years but those are parent years so it feels like a long time. It’s been a progression and the last 3 weeks have felt like we have finally arrived. All the knowledge we have known but felt too lazy to carry out – happening. Our lifestyle is finally in alignment with our values. It’s a good feeling but as a surprise to me – hugely motivating.

Well…another motivator is that we have no “quick and easy food”. Monday I was feeling strapped for time and I’ll admit in the past I would have just made mac & cheese or even gotten Mr. 12yr old to do it. But there is no packaged food in our house. So really the easiest thing to make is a quick hummus and make a wrap or guacamole. Ideally, I would have some things prepped for these types of moments…but one step at at time. I ended up making chickpea salad which is one of faves and once I got started it was no big deal. It was just an awareness of what I would have done in the past and a reminder that the choices when it comes to food start at the grocery store.

Some of the positive changes I’ve noticed is that we are all eating less. One of the most annoying things was how often one or all the kids would be asking for snacks. It of course has still happened over the last few weeks but definitely not to the extent it was happening before. And now when they do ask for snacks even if I give them a two bite brownie I can feel good that it’s a healthy or healthier snack.

As I noted in my first post they are sleeping longer. They used to wake up at ridiculously early times in the morning and now I am usually the first one awake around 8am. And where they would get up at who knows what time and eat a fruit and or cereal and still be starving when I got up – they now get up and just do quiet activities (not asking to eat) and we all eat together between 8:30-9 depending on what we are having or making. It’s a huge change and honestly one that I welcome as it was so annoying to hear “can I have a snack” a bazillion times a day.

I became aware of some digestion issues and am working on those. I am listening to my body more and this past week was much less bloated and feeling better.

It’s also possible that this lifestyle change in our eating might contribute to a new addiction – cookbooks. This is yet another huge surprise for me because I’ve bought cookbooks in the past but have never used them…like not even once. We started out with Oh She Glows then week two I bought Joyous Health and this past weekend I bought Isa Does It. They all use similar ingredients so I can easily swap them and not worry about having to get a whole bunch of new ingredients and when we haven’t done a great job of meal planning and need to make something on the fly having more than one book gives us more variety.

One of the best and most valuable things that has happened for me since starting this three weeks ago is remembering my passion for real food, feeling a true pride in what I am feeding my family and reigniting a fire inside to share the message that food matters. And on that note, I have two bite pumpkin bites that need taste testing…see ya!

Many well wishes for you on your journey to clean eating,
living health, S xo


4 thoughts on “veganish – week 4

  1. Congratz, on your 4th week of being Vegan.I was a 15 year Vegetarian, and then went Vegan.I’ve been a Vegan for about a year now.You’ll never regret EVER eating more healthy.Even tho,for me, i am an ethical Vegan, but still enjoy the healthy benefits from eating healthy. 🙂 Good luck ,in your journey ..Its all small steps to a healthier lifestyle and making healthier choices and habits.


    • Thanks! And you are right about that – we have been moving in this direction for a long time so while it’s different we were pretty healthy eaters before – so it’s not like we are having food shock 😉
      It is fun to experience something new and we are feeling great that our home base can be almost 100% clean eating zone!


    • Yes, I have several of the clean eating magazines and 2 cookbooks. I liked them but the ingredients were kinda all of over the place and most of the recipes had meat – which was the main reason to do this in the first place – to reduce our meat consumption. Likely in the future when we have a good vegan/vegetarian routine going we might look to incorporate some of the clean eating recipes 🙂


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