clean living – 5min naturals

As we enter week 5 of eating veganish I thought I would share some quick and easy things we are doing that are cutting down on sugar, cutting costs and are just plain easy.

The first super quick and sugar cutting thing we have implemented is making our own chia jam via Oh She Glows. This literally takes 5 mins or less and cuts out the copious amounts of sugar in regular jams and I don’t know about you but we have thrown out countless jars of half eaten jam. By making smaller portions we are able to eat it within a week or two so it’s cheaper to make and creates no waste. We have done a raspberry which was really really good and we also made a blueberry one.

About 2 weeks ago we started making our own almond milk. As I was reading Joyous Health she mentioned some of the ingredients in almond milk to avoid. Sigh. I have to admit that I had not even looked at the ingredients (something I do for 95% of the packaged things we buy) and would have assumed that they were, for the most part, healthy. Ugh. Nope…so we finished up the cartons we had and I started soaking almonds.

I would say that other than soaking the almonds (no work there but waiting) the process takes about 5 mins but I am really not skilled at squeezing the milk from the milk bag…so for me it’s probably more like 10mins.
Here again we can control our costs by only making the milk we need. We are reducing our waste as we no longer have milk cartons to throw out and while I don’t drink it straight very often, it is yummy.
(Ok, so I was cold sitting here at my computer so decided to go and make some golden milk (more on that to come) and realized I only had a cup or so of milk. I whipped up some hemp milk and 10mins later am back.) 
So I would encourage you to consider making your own milks. It is easy, cuts down on waste and puts you in control of what is in your food.

Ok, and now onto something I did yesterday.

I used to buy all my personal care products from Miessence. They were and still are the most natural products I have found that use the highest amount of organic ingredients. Except for the shampoo I enjoyed all the products because they worked. Currently I don’t order monthly from them but I will again in the future.
Once I stopped buying my deodorant from Miessence I found myself dealing with stink. I did try several different brands and for over 2yrs was never able to find anything that really worked. It’s an uncomfortable feeling and frustrating when the natural brands at the health food store still contain questionable ingredients – so options were limited.
I decided to see what I could make myself. I found this recipe and whipped it up yesterday in about 3mins. I added 10-15drops of Citrus Bliss.

I’ve used deodorants from a jar before and already knew I wasn’t crazy about that the application process so decided to put the mixture in an old muffin tin and put it in the freezer till it was hard – removed it and put it in a plastic bag and stuck it in my fridge. I will look for cute molds to use in the future but I kinda like the atomic bomb look of this first one. Let me tell you, it’s controlling some atomic stink!

Coconut oil melts easily so the fridge seemed like the most logical place for me to keep it. If I’m honest, I normally forget to apply it when getting dressed and end up having to run back up to put it on, so keeping it in the fridge will save me from climbing the stairs!

I have not had any stink in 24hrs and I can tell you that is a record in the last few years. So while it’s too early to really say if this is a keeper. The whole process was easy, cost effective, probably about a dollar to make which is a huge incentive considering that most stink sticks are at least $5 in the health section, and once again there is full control on the ingredients you are putting on your skin – your body’s largest organ.

I’ve been a natural mom for 12yrs but have never wanted to enter that “ultra” crunchy mode. Now that I am doing some of this stuff and seeing how little time it really takes – it kinda makes me feel silly for not being willing to consider them before.

So if you have 5 (or 10) minutes where you just don’t know what to do…try something natural 😉

Living clean,
S. xo



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