Hey Crunchy, why you so grouchy?

We all have ‘that’ friend. They post images about their jar fermentation that look half alien. They start sharing articles about placenta encapsulation. They are forever posting recipes with the status “best. dish. ever.” but that seems weird…there’s no meat in it *scratch head*. They can’t be like normal people and just buy stuff at the store, nope they make their own milk and toothpaste, because you know “those chemicals“. They have an herb or an oil that can fix any status you post, because really, lavender is the answer to everything, right?
But there is something else that sets them apart from all your other non-crunchy, non-fermenting, non-meatless, basically…non-weirdo friends. Something that you often can’t put your finger on but is always buzzing in the background…oh yeah, they are grouchy.

You: Hey, I bought a new moisturizer yesterday – my skin feels amazing.
Them: Did you check ewg.org to see it’s rating. *pulls out homemade lip balm*

This is not a rant about people who are granola, extra crispy crunchy. I am one. I make my own milk, homeschool my kids, have read every label of any food or product that has come into our home the last 14yrs and of course use oils, honestly what else is there *wink wink* . We are not vegan but we do limit how much meat we eat and when we do eat meat we do our best to make it organic. Yup, I am a shade of granola.

But there is something about people in our lives who are making choices that are not currently mainstream that seems to come off as grouchy. And I say grouchy, but it could also feel judgmental, negative and insensitive. It’s possible that your friend is all those things and possibly you need to re-think that relationship, but for most of us that have “those crunchers” in our life – they just kinda come off as grouchy.

You: Mmmm, hubby made the best hamburgers on the bbq last night…
Them: Oh, that’s nice. Have you ever seen the documentary Cowspiracy? *inserts carrot stick into mouth*CRUNCH*

I’m here to tell you why.

The simple answer. We care. We don’t want to see those we love and care about suffer when there could a loving, tree approving solution.
And this is not to say that we are the only ones who care, I believe everyone cares at some level – I just think that we all care about different things. And I don’t even think that one belief is more important or better than another, except when we start suffering physically or mentally.
In every walk of life you will have those that come close to failing even the basics but then you have those who are so “on it” that it becomes extreme. And the same goes with your crunchy-granola friends. They are on a scale and it may be hard to believe but there is someone out there even more crispy than your friend.
But these passionate people just really care. They want to share what they have learned and has worked for them, so that people, especially those they care about, live healthier, better lives.
They are actually not for the most part conspiracy theorists, the information is out there, from reputable sources…click on a link sometime – it’s probably not as far out there as you think…yes, even placenta encapsulation.
Our goal is not to make Birkenstocks the next best investment and many of us still believe in bathing (with soap) and using modern day appliances.

You:  Ugh, I’ve had a headache all day.
Them: Have you tried x EO? Sigh. *takes out her lavender mist *spray*spray*

Change happens slowly, and if you know anything about granola, it cooks fast. We want to add the water, heat you up and get you cooked. For us the entire world looks like rolled oats just waiting to be cooked.  But people are not rolled oats and no one likes being cooked. Forgive us for our enthusiasm and zealousness…it’s really not about world domination.

If you have a seemingly grouchy granola friend, give them a hug…let all that lavender oil rub off on you. Listen to a bit of Enya together and remember, we aren’t really grouchy, we just really care about you.


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