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I am in love with the new Beautycounter baby line. As a once upon a time doula, these products make me feel good and happy knowing that parents now have a viable choice in getting safe products for their babies. When we consider that the 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed within 26 seconds – it makes sense that any parent would want effective products that are safe, as potential chemicals could affect babies much faster due to their size than for adults.

I do love when you can take a product and morph it into a variety of uses for the entire family. The new balm and baby oil will definitely be staples used in our home from now on as they both can be used in multiple ways for everyone but today we are going to focus on babies.


For baby

Tushy Balm
When baby’s tush needs a little tlc:

Equal parts:
Myrrh or Sandalwood

You can make this up in different ways depending how how you want to use it. You could premix this in the baby balm to your desired consistency but once you use it once for the tushy you could not use it for any other reason as it would be unsafe. If you put this blend in a spray bottle with the baby oil you could then use it for several different things but sometimes you need more of a balm for tender tushies…but it would be easy enough to just add some baby balm separately.
The other option is to pre-mix the oils in a spare oil bottle and just add one drop to the baby balm when you use it – personally I think that is how I would use it if it were me.

Sore tummy/Colic

Equal parts:


Equal parts:
Roman Chamomile

Other oils to try: Marjoram, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Ginger (use cautiously at a lower ratio), Rosemary, Melissa.

Often when our babies are in distress when it comes to their tummies, we don’t always know why. You may have to try a few different oil combinations to find the right one for your baby.

Once I found a blend that worked well for my baby, I would then put the oils (about 10 drops each *except ginger which I would only put in a few*) in a 10ml rollerball and fill with the baby soothing oil. When baby is fussy, I would then just roll a bit on tummy and rub softly till absorbed. You could also use this on their feet and do soft reflexology to help sooth the tummy.



Owie Mouth

Equal parts:
Roman Chamomile

I used Roman Chamomile with one of my babies when he had a sore mouth. If you are making it, I would mix one drop of this blend with the baby oil and rub along gums.

Dry scalp

Equal parts:

A lot of babies will get scaling on their heads, a lot of people call this cradle cap. If not managed it can cause infection because the skin below cannot breathe, so while not a major problem to their health, you do want to keep it to a minimum.
Put 5-10 drops into a 10ml spray bottle and fill with baby oil. After bath time spray on head and use comb to softly lift scales – DO NOT force them up.
If you are dealing with a severe case I would add Melaleuca to your blend to help avoid infection.

Dry skin/eczema

Equal Parts:
Roman Chamomile

You could do equal parts of all of these, maybe 5 drops each in a 10ml spray bottle or whatever blend you feel works best for you and spray on affected areas to relieve discomfort.
For severe cases this could also be put in the balm.
Please note that small newborn babies will sometimes have peeling skin – this is completely normal and unless they are showing discomfort I would suggest to not “treat” it. Also, newborns do not need daily baths – this will dry out their skin. When you do give a bath, using a mild soap like our gentle all over wash is ideal.

**Just a note about using essential oils. I feel it important to note that just like there are no regulations governing the cosmetic industry, there is also no regulation regarding essential oils. I feel it’s also important to note that many main steam essential oils are not pure as many of their labels claim. It’s also common for companies to include alcohol which I would never recommend to use on a baby.
If you are in doubt, please contact me and I will be happy to offer you suggestions and safe options.**

Enjoy your new baby and let me know if you try any of my baby beautyhacks! Keep an eye out on Instagram as I post photos of these hacks!

With Joy,
S. xo



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