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I’ve been waiting a long time to write this. I have thought about it a lot over the years but for one reason or another the time never seemed right. Mostly because I do my best to avoid contributing to conflict and there is never a good way to break bad news. I have no desire to engage in debate, only to share my personal experience.

I have been using essential oils as our main go to “medicine” (my word not theirs) for the last 14yrs. We have been fortunate to have been able to avoid taking any antibiotics, and our children had a good run of avoiding all over the counter drugs till about 4yrs ago. Even so, I believe that two of our kids have had a total of 2 doses of over the counter meds in total.
I believe we have been able to do this because of our lifestyle choices, making whole food nutrition the foundation of our health and then supporting our bodies with a good multivitamin, regular vitamin C and not only, but mainly our oils.

I started this natural health journey with Young Living and I was a consultant with them for 7yrs. Here is why I left:

The culture of the company:
Right from the very beginning I did not like the vibe and the “let’s help spread Gary’s message”. I appreciated that he wanted to help people with the oils but it just rubbed me the wrong way. I had my own message, I had no desire to spread his. Saying that, I knew I could ignore it for the most part and as a consumer wanted to get the best product I could. Also note that essential oils were not all the rage as they are today and the ones available in grocery or health food stores smelled bad, some of them had alcohol listed on the label and a few made me break out in hives right there in the store as I was testing them. So, when I say I wanted the best product, I did the best due diligence at the time.

The culture of a company beginning with it’s founder and leader to it’s employees and customers are important to me, especially if I am representing them in some capacity.
I don’t say this lightly, I felt the culture of this company to be somewhat “cult” like. And some would say that every direct sales company is the same – I would say that good company culture creates enthusiasm where the other creates a feeling of conflict. I’ll also say, that with direct sales, you get all types and unfortunately the bad apples give us all a bad name…I still think that a lot of really great products are sold via direct sales.

Unreliable results:
The first time our son had a fever after getting the YL oils, we put peppermint on his feet as was recommended. This was supposed to help bring down the temperature. It didn’t. Ever.
For seven years we used peppermint for fevers and it never once brought down fever for any of our kids.
Our children always had extremely high fevers, so I rationalized it by telling myself that at least I was supporting their bodies fighting whatever infection they were fighting and that possibly the fever would have gone higher and lasted longer without it. Of course, there was no way to know that for sure…and now I don’t actually think that is the case…it’s just what I thought at the time.

Another situation was when my son was about 4 and ended up having a small case of pneumonia. We had been putting on the oil blends to help with respiratory issues and peppermint as he had an extremely high fever – neither seemed to make any difference. In a situation like this one, I would never expect the oils to “cure” with one application but I would expect to see (now) a temporary decrease in temperature, a decrease in severity and length of coughing and the ability to breathe better for a short time. None of this happened.

Because of these unreliable results it made it difficult to share with confidence because I really didn’t know if it would work or not and my credibility was already being questioned by my friends with raised eyebrows.

I want to make it clear that I was 100% invested in this company. I was on a monthly order and continued to use oils right up till I made the switch. I even went to Cancun for one of their educational conferences and wrote Gary a very personal letter which he read to the entire group. There were things I did like about the company and learned a lot about health in general but then there would always be these moments when it just didn’t feel right. Like at this event in Cancun when he said:

“We aren’t on US soil so how about we do some diagnosing and prescribing”

and went on to listen to ailments people had and offered them an “oil prescription”. In my opinion, this was arrogant and contributed to this culture of “we know better and don’t want to follow the rules”.
The fact is, even though I did have inner question marks and things I didn’t always agree with – they were at the time, what I felt were the best oils I could find and use.

The switch:
My aunt who was also a YL consultant let me know that she would be switching to a new oil company. I trusted her judgement, she was much more involved with YL than I was and without hesitation I told her to let me know when it would be available – I would make the switch also. I knew little to nothing except that several old YL staff members were founding it. That in itself answered a lot of question marks. It was very common for a very prominent person in the company to just disappear and never be spoken of again. David Sterling and Dr. Hill were in this category.

My first days with DT:
The first thing I noticed was the smell of the oils. There was a softness and richness that I had not experienced with any other oils.
I got my oils and having only YL to compare, I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting any better results – I believed that I had been using pure oils all along.

I was pregnant with cute kid #4 at the time and had really sore hips. I had been using oils to try and help but they did little to alleviate the pain. Once my DT oils came in, as a last ditch effort I asked hubs to try and put on some Deep Blue oil, which is a blend to help with discomfort. He did, I got up, and I looked at him with huge eyes – it’s gone, the pain is gone! I ended up using 5 or 6 bottles before she was born.
This was literally the most exciting thing ever to me and I never looked back. I knew from that experience that I was working with something very different and that has not changed in the 7yrs that I have been a consultant. I can say that I confidently recommend oils now without hesitation for common things like coughs, fevers, areas that are experiencing discomfort and everyday non chronic emotional issues. (Our emotional oils are da-bomb!)

I’m a mom and really just an average consumer like anyone else. I have limited time, limited cash and my overall desire is to get the best product available. I have been living this more natural lifestyle for over a decade – people ask for my opinion and I want to feel good about what I recommend. I would never say that DT are the only pure oils, that is ridiculous. And I am not shy to say to anyone that if I found better oils that were more effective than what I am currently using, I would switch in a heartbeat. My intention is to use the best product and my intention today was to offer my experience using both. Even if I had filled this post with a ton of “facts” and links we all know that you can find anything to support your position – so that doesn’t seem like a good use of my limited time or yours.

This morning I saw this petition on facebook. This is not the first whisperings I have heard that indeed YL oils are not necessarily what they promote them to be. It confirms the discrepancies I found when using them. It is disappointing, and shows the need for the industry to become more transparent and offer true regulations in testing to create a culture of expected transparency.

I do feel DT is trying to offer consumers that information having world renown Dr. Pappas testing our oils. I have spent quite a bit of time recently reading and watching information from Dr. Pappas regarding all different types of essential oils and companies and have appreciated his integrity and desire to offer the average consumer tools to identify oils that are or are not what their labels claim. You can follow him on facebook. **Please note that Dr. Pappas does not endorse any company and is in no way affiliated with doTERRA. His is a third party testing facility and education center.**

If you are in the space of researching oils and deciding which ones might be the best for you, I hope this helps a bit. I have tried to be honest in my experience and am happy to share if you have questions regarding my personal experience and am happy to help you get started – just contact me. I wish for you the wonderful benefits that you can experience with essential oils and hope for everyone love, joy and true wellness.

S. xo

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